T.H.E. Journal, August 1998, p. 50

An assistant professor of English education writes that many pre-service education students have recently noticed that their faculty lack the technology experience and skills required by today’s teaching profession.

While many education students have already embraced or are eager to embrace various applications of technology, their instructors just haven’t had the same exposure to technology. And while many education faculty realize the importance of integrating technology into teaching, few instructors show—or can show—their education students how to do it.

Most education faculty are familiar with technology and the Internet for their own personal use, but lack the experience to pass that knowledge on.

The author suggests a possible first step in bridging the skills gap: education instructors should position themselves as learners along with their pre-service students. By working cooperatively, instructors can become more familiar with the technology and at the same time integrate that technology into the pre-service curriculum.