Education Week, August 5, 1998, p. 23

Education technology was a hot topic at a recent annual meeting of the Education Commission of the States (ECS), where 530 state officials and legislators gathered in Portland, Ore., to discuss a variety of school-related issues.

One debate centered on balancing computer and online education with more hands-on approaches. Another speaker at the meeting said the real challenge facing schools is to ensure that sound educational goals and objectives exist beyond technology plans, and that technology initiatives should grow out of such educational missions.

Several state governors and business executives talked about education technology in a closed-door session meant to encourage candor.

At the meeting’s first State Innovation Awards, Oregon received recognition for its Students Recycling Used Technology program in which students repair and upgrade old computers—putting 8,000 computers worth $5.2 million back into Oregon’s classrooms.

ECS, a nonprofit group based in Denver that helps states develop sound education policies, in the coming year will offer states custom seminars on designing new technology initiatives.