Technology & Learning, August 1998, p. 24

Schools have found that students can serve as a highly skilled resource to help schools manage their technology.

On the technical side, students have been particularly successful; here’s a sample of what children across the country are doing to help their schools:

  1. Troubleshoot malfunctioning computers and perform routine maintenance on others.

  2. Refurbish old equipment, replacing outdated parts, even building new computers from scratch.

  3. Develop training manuals to teach others how to use software and hardware.

  4. Clean and dust computers, printers, and monitors.

  5. Rewire classrooms with network cabling and install network hubs.

  6. Install new software and upgrade existing programs.

  7. Help with server maintenance, including broken disk drives, forgotten passwords, and lost data.

  8. Program and maintain school web sites.

  9. Conduct research on the Internet to assist teachers, as well as set up distance learning applications with other schools and government agencies.

  10. Provide training for others at the school, including fellow students, teachers, administrators, and community members.