Five Technology Tools That Make Life Easier For The Busy Educator

Technology & Learning, September 1998, p. 61

Technology can help teachers free up their time and also respond to a growing demand for accountability and assessment reports. Here are five tools that work:

  1. Electronic grade books. These user-friendly software packages are designed to look like traditional grade books and allow teachers to track student performance quickly, generate sophisticated reports, and easily transfer data to district-level computers.

  2. “Open architecture” administration software. Grades, attendance records, schedules, and other student information can flow freely among teachers, school officials, and district personnel.

  3. Curriculum planning tools. Using networks that connect teachers and schools across great distances, these computer programs let teachers share lesson plans and educational resources with each other, such as multimedia software packages, laser discs, and web sites.

  4. Security utilities. These tiny programs keep students and other unauthorized people from viewing personal and confidential material that may reside on an educator’s desktop computer.

  5. Intranets. These link schools and districts together so that large numbers of users can share central resources, such as frequently used forms, paperwork, and even computer software.

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