Nine Expert Tips To Get Girls More Interested In Technology

Technology & Learning, October 1998, p. 18

Technology & Learning magazine has compiled a list of expert suggestions to get girls more comfortable and more interested in technology. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Encourage use of the computer beyond homework assignments. Girls need encouragement to use the computer for fun and less structured applications.

  2. Set up rules that give girls control over advanced tasks on computers when they must share time with boys.

  3. Emphasize female role models who are in positions of power at technology companies or who have contributed in the areas of science, math, and computer science.

  4. Let girls take charge of technology jobs around school, such as assisting in computer labs or participating in technology fairs.

  5. Design labs that don’t isolate computer users from each other, and set up lessons that encourage group collaboration and interaction.

  6. Have parents encourage technology use at home.

  7. Challenge girls outside traditional curricular areas by emphasizing math, science, multimedia, and groupware technology applications.

  8. Rate software and Web sites according to their interest for girls, and don’t automatically use a resource that is designed explicitly for girls.

  9. Start as early as possible, even in the elementary years, to get girls interested in technology.

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