Product Spotlight

InterGate Solution 7000

This simple plug-and-play server from the San Diego-based company Internet Products, Inc. provides a single, secure point of control for you to manage all aspects of your school or district’s internet access.

InterGate is compatible with virtually any network, regardless of its LAN architecture and server or desktop platform. Using an easy point-and-click interface accessed through your web browser, you can control up to 10,000 internet user accounts from any workstation on the network.

The server’s features include eMail access and delivery, web site hosting and caching, a firewall to ensure your network’s security, and the ability to filter web content. You can assign up to 22 site content categories to various user profile groups to control who has access to what type of sites.

The server also monitors and tracks users’ internet access, web site hits, and attempts to access inappropriate sites. It stores the information on digital audio tape during nightly backups so you can easily retrieve it.

InterGate is available to schools at a special education price of $13,999.

(888) 468-3742

Microtest’s WebZerver 1.1

If you’re looking for a scaled-back web server without eMail capabilities, this zippy little device from Microtest might do the trick. It’s an appliance-class server that gives you all the hardware and software you need to set up an intranet in one convenient box.

WebZerver’s EazyPrint feature lets users post content without the help of a network administrator and without having to learn HTML. In a few simple wizard-driven steps from a client computer, teachers and administrators can post assignments, class information, or announcements to a school or department’s intranet for easy student access.

You can also download sites to WebZerver from the world wide web, thereby controlling what internet content students have access to. When students need to do research, they’d simply log onto WebZerver and search the authorized sites. Like InterGate, WebZerver offers password protection for its file directories with user names and passwords.

The list price for WebZerver is $1,595.

(800) 717-8009

Educators Video Production Value Pack

This special offer from the California company Videonics gives schools a complete package for teaching students video production skills.

The Educators Value Pack includes an edit controller, a two-channel sound effects mixer, a title generator, a microphone, and a videotape with tips on shooting and creating videos.

The Thumbs Up 2000 edit controller automatically records preferred scenes on a new tape when the thumbs-up button is pressed and leaves rejected scenes behind when the thumbs-down button is pressed.

The Sound Effects Mixer 2000 lets students mix digital sound effects with music and narration to produce a dynamic soundtrack. Sounds can be stretched, altered, and sequenced to create hundreds of variations.

The Personal TitleMaker, which lets students add titles to video, includes thousands of colors and 28 font and size combinations that can be applied to letters, outlines, backgrounds, and borders and can be superimposed over video.

The package is available to schools at the special bundled price of $499.

(800) 338-3348

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