Seven Strategies To Get Your Media Center Started On The Right Foot

MultiMedia Schools, September/October 1998, p. 23

School media specialist Mary Alice Anderson makes several recommendations that will make your school’s media center a smooth-running and successful operation every year:

  1. Arrange to have support staff spend some extra time over the summer so that materials and cataloging will be ready in time for the arrival of teachers.

  2. Set up advanced scheduling so teachers can plan media center use as early as possible when they’re planning their curriculum.

  3. Do orientation for new staff and teachers early in the fall so those not familiar with the facilities and its procedures can get their feet wet.

  4. Hold similar orientation sessions for new students when they arrive at the school.

  5. Create a popular staff development program that allots time to teachers so they can work in small groups in the media center. While there, teachers can learn about the school’s Web sites, how to conduct Internet research, and how to develop special activities to accompany their classroom instruction. These programs should be offered throughout the year, not just in the fall.

  6. Think of teachers as customers to whom your media staff provides support and service.

  7. Use technology to communicate with teachers. E-mail is especially effective. Maintain a Web site that keeps teachers up to date on developments in the media center. Also send out newsletters and written updates that profile how teachers are successfully using the media center for instruction.

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