Win-Win Staff Development Techniques That Use Two Resources Every School Has

T.H.E. Journal, September 1998, p. 57

A Missouri school technology specialist solved the problem of managing a successful staff development program by utilizing two key resources that every school and teacher has access to: students and VCRs. The solution so is elegant because every school has students, and most teachers own or have access to a VCR.

Under the program, knowledgeable student volunteers put together instructional video tapes using video editing software for the Macintosh, called Avid Cinema. Students draw storyboards, narrate, edit, and record instructional videos that explain how to use various technology applications at the school, such as E-mail, word processing, and online research tools.

The student-produced videos run no more than 12 minutes and can be viewed by teachers either at school during breaks or at home on their personal VCRs. So educators receive training specific to their school’s technology, and students gain expertise in digital video production techniques.

While the videos do not comprise the core of the school’s staff development program, they are a powerful component of the overall program.

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