Newslines–Channel One survives more rough surf

The Channel One education network is back on in schools in Jefferson County, Ala., after a three-week moratorium, during which school officials found strong support for its programs.

“We were amazed at the reaction of the parents, students, and teachers to get the program going again,” said Nez Calhoun, a spokeswoman for the county school system. “They saw it as a springboard for discussion in the classroom and they all wanted to keep it.”

Channel One provides televisions and VCRs to schools in exchange for showing 10 minutes of news and features geared to teen-agers and two minutes of commercials.

Jefferson County Superintendent Bruce Wright canceled the network early in September so a committee of educators and parents could review its value. The action came after Shelby County school officials banned the network out of concern that its internet site linked to R-rated movie sites and homosexual chat rooms.

Channel One officials changed the web site in response and the Jefferson County review committee found there had been confusion about a web site for Channel 1, which is not the Channel One network.

“Young people today are very computer-literate and parents have to be concerned about what their kids are doing,” Wright said. “But this committee looked at the content of this program and found it to be adequate.”

eSchool News Staff

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