Five Ingredients To Make Your School More Like This Leading High-Tech School

Converge, October 1998

Several ingredients combined to make California’s New Technology High School in Napa Valley a success:

  1. The school caters to typical middle-of-the-road students, who are neither failing nor at the top of their class.

  2. The school uses state-of-the-art technology and has a computer-to-student ratio of one-to-one.

  3. The school grew out of a need of local businesses that were looking for tech-savvy high school graduates to join the workforce.

  4. The school received support, training, and funding from more than 45 community partners, including businesses and education groups.

  5. The school was designed to mimic the corporate workplace and was designed by a facilities planner who works for Silicon Graphics, a leading Silicon Valley technology company.

The end result is a school where students work on computer projects with real-world application and are given a greater sense of ownership at the school.

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