Five Ways To Win More Funding For Your Computer Training Programs

Converge, November 1998

Nearly every major grant-giving education foundation has line items for training teachers to use technology in the classroom. Many organizations’ funding priorities especially emphasize funding programs that train pre-service and in-service educators.

To form technology training programs that will win support from these grants, schools must:

  1. Draft a restructuring plan that addresses minority teachers, multimedia-learning application development, lifelong learning programs, and cost-savings.

  2. Have teachers participate in newer technology-based teacher assessment and certification programs, which are often funded by these philanthropic organizations.

  3. Make sure instructional efforts at your school meet or exceed state and national standards in all subject areas.

  4. Steer teachers toward creating technology-based “portfolios” of students’ work for assessment purposes.

  5. Respond to the priorities of funding groups to emphasize minority training and inclusion.

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