Four-Step Guide To Help Your School Secure State Grant Dollars For Technology Initiatives

Converge, October 1998

The Sacramento City Unified School District started from scratch with its search for funding for school technology, but they were not deterred from finding plenty of money:

The goal was to get 20 of the district’s 79 schools hooked up to the Internet in the first year. Here’s what they did:

  1. They applied for California’s Technology Literacy Challenge Grant. To do this successfully, they formed a team to write the grant proposal. This proposal included input from school officials on ways grant money could be used to meet the overall technology missions of the district, as well as feedback from technology vendors who offered assistance is setting up and maintaining the technology that would be purchased.

  2. The district then solicited help from business partners. These companies not only could provide funds for technology, but they also lent help with training, planning, and implementation. Moreover, establishing a relationship with local businesses meant increased chances that those businesses would hire the school’s technology-fluent graduates.

  3. The district applied for E-rate discount dollars to pay for network wiring and equipment.

  4. Additional funds can come from the California Digital High School Program to help finance the purchase of computer software and hardware.

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