Grant Awards

$36 million from Pennsylvania Department of Education

For the Link-to-Learn initiative, which aims to expand the use of technology in Pennsylvania’s classrooms, $36.3 million to 573 state districts and vocational schools. The grants include $2 million earmarked for year 2000 assessment and compliance projects.

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$30 million from U.S. Department of Education

For the Technology Innovative Challenge Grant program, which funds teacher training in the use of new technologies, $30 million to 20 partnerships encompassing 150 school districts in 17 states.


$24 million from Louisiana Department of Education

For the Classroom-Based Technology Fund, which helps school systems and independent schools implement their local technology plans, nearly $24 million to 66 Louisiana schools and districts.

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$16 million from U.S. Department of Agriculture

For the federal Distance Learning and Telemedicine program, $16 million in grants and loans to 60 rural organizations throughout the United States. Thirty-five schools and learning centers received more than $10 million to fund telecommunications and distance learning projects.

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$4 million from Milken Family Foundation

For the National Educator Awards, which recognize outstanding public school educators, cash awards of $25,000 each to 160 educators in 38 states. Many winners were singled out for their use of technology in classrooms. In a separate donation, the Milken Foundation also awarded Educator Network Grants to the California, Indiana, and Massachusetts Departments of Education for various technology projects.

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$2.6 million from Iowa Department of Education

For the federal Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, which helps economically challenged districts gain access to technology, nearly $2.6 million to 61 Iowa schools.

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$376,000 from AOL Foundation

For the Interactive Education Initiative, which encourages innovative use of technology in K-12 education, more than $376,000 to 54 schools and learning centers in 23 states. Recipients also receive technical assistance and free AOL accounts from the foundation.

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$330,000 from National Semiconductor Corp.

For the Internet Innovator Awards, which recognize effective use of the internet in the classroom, $10,000 each to 11 teachers from California, Texas, and Maine, and $20,000 to each teacher’s school. Next year’s awards will be presented in September and teachers may apply through April 2.

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$240,000 from Electronic Data Systems Corp.

For the EDS Technology Grant program, which helps teachers of children ages 6 to 12 purchase information technology products and services, $240,000 to 160 elementary school teachers worldwide. The grants must be used to pay for technology products, training, or services not provided by the teachers’ schools or districts.

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$27,500 from AT&T Foundation

To help fund the Dorsey Technological Institute, a technology cluster school serving K-12 students and their parents, $27,500 to the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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