How One Principal Overcame Three Daunting Staff-Training Hurdles

T.H.E. Journal, September 1998, p. 65

Administrators who install technology in their schools can learn some lessons from this principal on ways to overcome the challenges inherent in computer deployment and staff training.

  1. Be patient. Administrators must be patient with staff, must establish teams to form support networks, and must not label hesitation to embrace technology as an attitude problem.

  2. Draft training models. During the planning stage, address curricular issues, determine the most effective and least intimidating instructional approaches, and find ways to meet the needs of teachers who already possess computer skills.

  3. Secure funds for equipment and training. Since the school was planning to replace its Apple computers with PCs, it had to raise funds for the new machines and assess the need for specialized training on the new Windows platform. A survey was sent to staff, the majority of whom responded they would have interest in training on the new computers.

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