More Form 486 filing guidance

Now that funding commitment letters are finally on their way to applicants, the SLC has issued a few clarifications of its Form 486 instructions:

Five-day turnaround

For services already in place, the SLC has urged that you file a Form 486 within five (5) business days of receiving your funding commitment letter. While you should send in your Form 486 as quickly as you can, the SLC says it will not “reject” your Form 486 if you don’t send it in within five days. This 5-day turnaround exists only so you can begin to receive discounts as soon as possible.

“10-digit” fields

Though several columns in Block 2 of Form 486 request 10-digit numbers, you may have numbers representing only eight (8) digits. Specifically, Column (A) of Block 2 requests a 10-digit Form 471 Application Number, and Column (B) of Block 2 requests a 10-digit Funding Request Number. If your Form 471 Application Number or any Funding Request Numbers are reported to you as 8-digit numbers in your funding commitment letter, you should add two zeroes to the beginning of the number when filling out your Form 486. For example, Funding Request Number 12345678 would become 0012345678.

The November issue of eRate Update contained a mistake in reference to Form 486. On page 5, we wrote, “You MUST complete Column H with either ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Be careful if you check ‘no,’ however; it’s a decision you can’t reverse once the SLC has processed your Form 486.”

This should have read, “Be careful if you check ‘yes.'” By checking ‘yes,’ you’re telling the SLC that you want to cancel your funding request. Checking ‘no’ means that you want to continue with your request. We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

eSchool News Staff

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