Highwired.Net, a company in Cambridge, Mass., is making headlines across the country–or at least helping student journalists make them–by offering an online student newspaper service to schools.

The service, which lets student journalists post their stories to a custom-designed site hosted by Highwired, requires no special software or HTML training, only an internet connection. Best of all, it’s free to users.

“Journalism teachers are already overworked and pressed for time,” said Matt Flaherty, co-founder of the company. “And current online publishing tools take too much time to learn. With Highwired, a school can produce an online version of its newspaper in seconds, leaving more time to focus on the writing and editing process.”

More than 450 schools have signed up with Highwired since the company launched in January. The service’s key feature is its simplicity, Flaherty said.

Highwired.Net can be found at: http://www.highwired.net