Public Telecommunications Facilities Program

This program of the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) assists, through matching grants, in the planning and construction of public telecommunications facilities. The program has a Distance Learning category open to public school systems. Last year, NTIA awarded nearly $4 million to 12 distance learning projects. Winners included St. Clair County Intermediate School District in Michigan, which was given $430,000 to purchase equipment for video classrooms in 11 schools, a vocational education center, and a local community college.

Deadline: Jan. 14

(202) 482-5802


Growth Initiatives for Teachers (GIFT)

GIFT is a grant program for public and private school math and science teachers, grades 7-12, in 35 eligible states and the District of Columbia. Every year, the GTE Foundation awards $12,000 GIFT grants to 60 teams consisting of one math and one science teacher from the same school who plan to integrate the two subjects in their school’s curriculum through the use of technology. Each winning team receives $7,000 for a school enrichment project and $5,000 toward professional development activities.

Deadline: Jan. 15

(800) 315-5010


Connections to the Internet grants

The National Science Foundation awards these two-year grants of approximately $15,000 to K-12 schools, libraries, and museums that support innovative technologies for internet access. Only highly innovative approaches that can accelerate network development at similar institutions will be considered for funding. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact an NSF program officer to discuss their proposal to see if it falls within the current scope of the program.

Deadline: Jan. 31

(703) 306-1949



Interactive Education Grants

The AOL Foundation’s Interactive Education Grants program is open to K-12 teachers, education leaders, parents, and other community leaders. The grants will be awarded to those who develop innovative and creative ways to enhance student learning through the online medium. Special emphasis will be placed on proposals that reach socio-economically disadvantaged children and communities. Last year’s program awarded $376,000 to 54 recipients in 23 states (out of about 600 total applicants). For more information, contact Jill Stephens, Corporate Outreach Director or eMail AOLGrants@aol.com.

Deadline: Feb. 1

(703) 265-1342