Students considering hacking into Waterville, Maine, schools’ computer system had better think twice. According to the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, Steven Smith, the district’s technology director, discovered that a hacker from Annapolis, Md., was deleting files from the district’s server. Smith ultimately put the FBI on the hacker’s trail.

Smith reportedly told school board members on Nov. 16 that two weeks earlier, a hacker had gotten into the system, deleting files and causing the server to malfunction. Within 24 hours, Smith said, he was able to trace the attack to a high school student in Annapolis, who reportedly had been hacking into school systems around the country.

Smith told the Morning Sentinel that he’d contacted the chief of police and the district’s attorney, but was told that charges couldn’t be pressed against the hacker. So, Smith took matters into his own hands–he called the FBI, which has assigned an agent in Augusta to the case.

An internet service provider in Maryland eMailed Smith a photograph of the hacker and information about him. According to Smith, he apparently hacks just for the satisfaction of disrupting services.

Smith told the Sentinel that he’s unsure what the FBI plans to do with the case.