Schools failing to engage girls in technology, study finds

Although girls are beginning to show more of an interest in math and science–areas where boys usually dominate academically and vocationally–they are falling behind in technology, a new study shows.

It concludes that fewer girls are engaged in technology to the extent of their male peers, worsening their chances for success in the work place. And it’s the nation’s schools, the report charges, that have failed to prepare girls for the jobs of tomorrow.

But girls are taking more math and science classes than they were six years ago, said the report, released Oct. 15 by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). In these classrooms, girls are typically outnumbered by boys.

When it comes to technology, girls are not only taking fewer classes than boys, they’re also less apt to use computers as problem-solving and discovery tools. That means that girls won’t have a competitive edge when it comes to applying for jobs in the future–about 65 percent of which will require technical know-how, according to Janice Weinman, executive director of AAUW.

“It is a national wake-up call for schools, ” Weinman told eSchool News. And, she said, it’s up to the nation’s schools to start doing a better job engaging girls in technology.

You can find the report at the web site of the American Association of University Women:

eSchool News Staff

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