Converge, January 1999, p. 44

Here are five best-bets for resources that can supplement your teacher training projects:

  1. Cable in the Classroom’s Professional Development Institute offers three valuable resources: (a) laptop workshops that demonstrate curricular resources through cable TV and the Internet; (b) a website which has online workshops and instructional broadcasts; and (c) four labs in the Washington, D.C., area in which teachers can learn how to integrate technology into the curriculum and how to design Web pages. For more info, go to<

  2. National Cable Television Association and Tech Corps have teamed up to offer the “webTeacher” program, which provides 80 hours of training on Internet applications like E-mail, web pages, safety, and curriculum. See

  3. Corporate programs from technology companies like Cisco, Microsoft, and Sun offer a host of training resources for schools.

  4. Achieve, Inc., a bi-partisan not-for-profit organization created at the 1996 National Education Summit, serves as a clearinghouse for guidance on how to use technology in the classroom effectively. See

  5. One of the primary goals of the CEO Forum on Education and Technology ( is to support teacher training and professional development.