Technology & Learning, January 1999, p. 52

Listservs, or E-mail distribution lists are, valuable tools for you and your students. Listservs are discussion forums dedicated to a particular topic. Here’s a quick four-step guide:

  1. Benefits. Listserv discussions are a great asset when trying new approaches to teaching and technology. Listservs can also be a valuable research tool for you and your students. Students or teachers in search of information can post questions to listservs and seek out experts.

  2. Finding a listserv. For almost every topic, there is a listserv. To find a list dedicated to a particular topic try CataList (, a catalogue of over 20,000 lists.

  3. Joining a listserv. Subscribe to a mailing list by sending an E-mail message to the list’s subscription address. The message should contain the word “sub” followed by the list name and your name.

  4. Posting to a listserv. To post messages, simply send an E-mail to the listserv’s main address. The host computer will then distribute your message to others on the list.