Highlights From NASA’s Innovative K-12 Distance Learning Program

T.H.E. Journal, November 1998, p. 63


NASA’s “Learning Technologies Project” (LTP) has begun a number of initiatives to enhance distance learning opportunities for K-12 schools. You can learn more about the program on the Web at


Here are some of the things the LTP has been able to accomplish since NASA upgraded its video technology capabilities and schools have installed equipment:

  • Teacher training on aerodynamics. Visual materials from the video are available for downloading from NASA’s Web site.

  • Instruction to teachers on the use of airflow simulation software, which is available for free download from NASA’s LTP Web site.

  • Lessons on integrating NASA’s educational Web sites into the K-12 curriculum. Resources include assistance on developing lesson plans, live demonstrations of applying the Web sites to instruction, and tours of interactive Web sites.

Future projects from NASA’s LTP include a jet engine simulation program, Web chats, and additional pre-service and in-service teacher workshops.

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