What if my internet service provider has been acquired by another company?

In most cases, the SLD is aware of the change and has reflected the change in its service provider database. If not, follow the SLD’s procedures for changing or correcting a service provider identification number (SPIN). These procedures will be available on the SLD’s web site shortly.

What if our school hasn’t heard anything from the SLD’s program integrity team and we haven’t received a funding commitment letter yet?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be funded. Most likely, it means that your application falls into a lower priority for notification.

According to the SLD, three factors determine when you’ll get your funding commitment letter: (1) The funding priorities set by the FCC; (2) The date when your application was successfully entered into the SLD’s database; and (3) The completion of all SLD decisions on your application, so that a complete response can be given in a single letter.

The SLD knows it can fund all requests for telecommunications services and internet access, as well as all requests for internal connections from schools and libraries that qualify for a 90 percent discount. It also knows it can’t fund requests for internal connections from schools and libraries that qualify for discounts below 50 percent.

But if you applied for discounts on telecommunications services AND internal connections and your discount level falls between 50 and 90 percent, you’ll have to wait until the SLD can determine if there’s enough money left in the fund to cover your requests for internal connections. You can expect to be notified in a later wave.

My service provider won’t sign off on my BEAR Form because it hasn’t received notification that I’ve been funded yet. What should I do?

The SLD had trouble getting funding commitment letters into the hands of the right service provider contact during the first two waves. In some cases, the contact information that the SLD had for a particular service provider was wrong; in other cases, the letters simply were delayed.

Any service provider that hasn’t received a letter, but should have, is urged to go to the SLD’s web site and check the list of SPINs associated with schools approved for funding (http://www.slcfund.org/ServiceProvider/spinfo.asp). If a service provider is listed, it should follow up with the SLD as indicated on the web site.

If your service provider is slow in taking the initiative, call the SLD’s customer service line and let the agency know.

Is frame relay considered “internet access” or “internal connection?”

That depends. If you lease frame relay from a service provider, it’s considered a telecommunications service. If you purchase and own the equipment yourself, it’s considered an internal connection. Remember, though, that internal connections are only funded if they’re used to transport data from terminal to terminal within a single building; if you want to fund frame relay connectivity from one building to another, you should lease instead of purchase it.