Converge, December 1998, p. 76

In most schools and districts, there is little coordination between curriculum design, instructional development, and assessment techniques. These three core aspects of accountability remain difficult to integrate, but some software packages are emerging that could assist you.

Here are seven factors to keep in mind when you shop for accountability software packages:

  1. Software won’t magically fix all your accountability problems. You must have a solid foundation and framework in order for the technology to work properly.

  2. Most of the available software will have shortcomings in one of the areas of accountability.

  3. Check the compatibility of your existing systems with the requirements of accountability software packages.

  4. Be prepared to pay more if you have a fairly large number of buildings in your district. Pricing is typically based on the size of a district, and can range from $3,000 to $100,000.

  5. Plan on needing at least three years of training and support for any new system you purchase to maximize its effectiveness.

  6. Realize that appropriate programs for an entire school district may not be appropriate at the building or classroom level.

  7. Make sure that the system offers benefits for all members of the accountability cycle, from teachers to district administrators.