Converge, January 1999, p. 80

The authors of this article provide six helpful tips on ways superintendents can more effectively manage technology in their schools:

  1. Budget time. Realize that it will take three to five years to implement technology plans, starting from the budgeting process and ending with actual installation.

  2. ID problems. Before implementing a technology plan, identify problems in your schools that no one is effectively solving, and then make sure the technology plan addresses them.

  3. Get support. In order to effectively implement and support your technology efforts, you’ll need to draw on three groups: (a) central technology support staff who focus on district-wide infrastructure, systems, and networking; (b) instructional technology staff who are intimate with standards, competencies, and training; (c) building-level staff who can support technology in the schools on a daily basis and help train students, teachers and administrators.

  4. Raise money. Seek out new funding sources to support your technology initiatives, which can become quite expensive, given the costs of training and replacing outdated equipment and software.

  5. Offer support. Be sure to encourage all participants every step of the way.

  6. Lead. Act as a lightning rod to deflect problems and criticism from members of your team so they can focus on successfully implementing the technology plan.