Time, January 25, 1999


As more students become the owners of laptops and home computers and as more schools begin to put the technology they’ve purchased to work, here are three innovations in homework you can expect to see in the not too distant future:

  1. Students will receive customized assignments that they can download directly to their computer from their school’s central servers. These individualized assignments can even be completed online and then turned in via the computer, as well.

  2. Students who have to travel or be away from school because of sports or other extracurricular commitments will be able to stay up to date better by receiving assignments and class notes through E-mail or the Web. Students could even get extra help from teachers through E-mail.

  3. Students will be able to conduct research far beyond the holdings of their school library by using the Web and CD-ROM applications on their computers.

This technology push has some potential problems, however. Many educators worry about the ease with which materials can be copied or plagiarized by using the Internet and other digital media. Also, the gap between the have’s and the have-not’s could mean a learning disadvantage for the poor when so many educational assignments would rely on home computers.