School Planning and Management, January 1999, p. 16

School leaders must remain focused on a few simple core issues to ensure that your schools successfully integrate technology into the curriculum.

The experts say you need to realize that most of the technology you purchase will become obsolete in a few years. The key to success is to teach students general skills that will allow them to use any kind of current or future technology—this will give them a skillset that will last a lifetime.

The experts also noted four essential skills students must have to compete in today’s high-tech job market:

  1. Experience with popular business technology and applications

  2. Hands-on Internet experience, especially as a research tool

  3. Knowledge of presentation software, such as PowerPoint

  4. Experience in enough new computer concepts to handle any future technologies

Experts also see the rapidly decreasing costs of hardware as central to schools’ ability to purchase enough computer equipment so that students’ experience with technology will be substantial and meaningful.