Converge, February 1999, p. 32

Business partnerships are a great way to find funding for your schools’ technology programs. Here’s a can’t-miss guide to setting a partnership up:

  1. Identify your needs. Make a precise list of the supplies and resources that you require from your business partner to make the program succeed.

  2. Consider your partner’s perspective. Develop an understanding of how your potential partner’s business is structured and what the business would seek to gain from their association with your school so that you can craft a proposal that considers their needs and goals as well as your own.

  3. Be time sensitive. During meetings with your partner, be considerate of their time by limiting the discussion to critical issues. Less important details can be dealt with by phone or E-mail.

  4. Keep the channels of communication open. Listen to your partners and the advice they offer. This will provide you with fresh ideas for solving problems and a better understanding of how corporations can best contribute to the project. Also, keep them well informed about the progress of the project.

  5. Assess the partnership. Schedule time to sit down with your partner to formally evaluate your partnership and ways that it can be strengthened.