The Los Angeles Educational Partnership (LAEP), a nonprofit foundation supporting the city’s public education initiatives, has teamed up with leading software reseller Scantron Quality Computers (SQC) in a partnership that both sides call a “win-win” situation.

In return for putting Scantron’s software catalog on its web site, LAEP earns a portion of each sale made through its site. The alliance strengthens LAEP’s commitment to offer access to quality educational software while raising needed funds for the organization.

It’s an opportunity that any school or district looking for extra funds can take advantage of, said SQC vice president Mike Sottrel.

“A combination of the opportunity to attract new financial resources and the ability to offer direct access to quality technology products for members of the learning community made a lot of sense,” said Robert Coontz, director of finance for LAEP.

Parents and educators browsing LAEP’s web site can link directly to SQC’s online catalog to purchase any of thousands of popular software titles from the likes of Microsoft, The Learning Company, Broderbund, Knowledge Adventure, Tom Snyder, Disney, and more. In addition, SQC offers hardware products and peripherals.

All products are offered at deeply discounted prices from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, Sottrel said.

“Scantron has very substantial educational offerings,” Coontz said. “That’s why we felt comfortable entering into this relationship with them.”

The foundation has promoted its arrangement with Scantron throughout the district by encouraging parents, teachers, and students to use its online catalog when purchasing new technology.

“If they buy their educational software through our site, our programs stand to benefit,” Coontz said.

How schools can participate

SQC is encouraging schools and districts around the country to form similar alliances with the company.

All a school or district would have to do to take advantage of the offer is supply a link to SQC’s online catalog through its web site, Sottrel said. Fulfillment and delivery of orders is handled entirely by Scantron.

One feature of the company’s online catalog that is of particular interest to school districts, Sottrel said, is its ability to process school purchase orders. Another attractive feature to schools is that it gives educators the option to purchase building or network site licenses for many of its products.

“About 90 percent of our business is from schools or districts,” Sottrel said. “We designed our online catalog with the needs of educators in mind.”

Sales generated through the link on a school’s site are tracked, and a percentage of each sale is given back to the school to spend as it wishes. Each month, the school gets a report from SQC showing how much it has earned from the arrangement.

The company can also customize the interface of its catalog according to a particular school’s interests, Sottrel said.

“If a school district uses a certain company’s brand of software, we can tailor the catalog interface to feature that company’s software,” he said. “Teachers and parents will then have a direct connection to the software being used by their district.”

For more information on partnering with SQC, call (800) 722-6876.