Electronic School, January 1999, p. A10

Most schools and districts have made large strides in initial fundraising efforts, but many neglect to think about how to sustain funding in the long-term.

Here are five core barriers to fundraising that you must contend with:

  1. Resistance to new taxes to pay for education technology

  2. High levels of competition among districts for the same scarce funds

  3. Too few people on your fundraising staff

  4. Restrictions on funds targeted for specific programs or student income levels

  5. Lack of funds that can pay for tech support and maintenance staff

Even when technology dollars are built into budgets, you’ll still have a lot of ongoing costs associated with technology.

Experts advise aggressively applying for grants and forging business partnerships with high-tech corporations and service providers. Another good funding source is “certificates of participation,” which offer low-discount loans to districts based on real estate collateral. Local districts can also expect to see increased funding from state legislatures trying to create equity and uniform technology standards across their state.