Education Week, February 3, 1999, p. 8

Chicago public school officials predict that the implementation of their new timekeeping system will save them $2.6 million a year by reducing payroll errors and wasted staff time.

This new system offer a number of features that were not available with previous versions. For one, there will be a single, central payroll server available on a network instead of the hundreds of individual databases that existed with the old system.

In addition to limiting costly errors, this system will also provide managers greater access to information on everything from budgets to employee attendance. And unlike the previous system, which could only keep timecard information for two weeks, this newer model tracks the information for two years.

The $3 million dollar system was designed by Kronos Inc. of Waltham, Mass. and is only employed by roughly 100 other school districts. The system should be fully operational by the beginning of the next school year.