T.H.E. Journal, January 1999, p. 73

Here are seven reasons why integrating technology into your school’s curriculum is critical to your school’s success:

  1. Students gain more knowledge in a subject.

  2. Technology is required to stay competitive in today’s job market.

  3. Technology motivates students to learn.

  4. Students can apply more quickly and easily what they’ve learned and improve their analytical skills.

  5. Students learn vital online research skills.

  6. Students learn the importance of teamwork.

  7. Students gain computer literacy.

To successfully integrate technology into the curriculum, you must:

  1. Begin in a single subject area.

  2. Decide on specific technology skills you want your students to learn.

  3. Take an existing lesson and find a simple way to involve the computer.

  4. Use software programs that you’re familiar with.

  5. Consistently use those programs to reinforce skills in your students.

  6. Evaluate the good and bad parts of using technology in a particular lesson.

  7. Adjust the lesson as needed, and then start the process over in a new area.