Educom Review, January/February 1999, p. 24

There are some easy steps you can take to filter out the majority of E-mail that arrives unwanted in your E-mail box.

Since your E-mail address often gets on junk lists by way of news group postings or listservs, one thing you can do is “disguise” your E-mail address in the text of the messages you send by adding some text like “NOSPAM” to the end of your address. Most people will know to remove these extra letters when they E-mail you, and it usually fools computer programs that search postings for E-mail addresses.

Another technique is simply to ignore unwanted messages that arrive in your “in box.” If you don’t respond, you’ll usually be dropped from the list.

You can also use filters in your E-mail application software to automatically put suspected junk E-mail into a separate folder for your review. You can tailor the filtering rules to catch repeat mailers, remove messages that contain removal information, and eliminate messages that are possibly forged. Since no filter is perfect, you should move suspect E-mail to a specific folder instead of automatically deleting it.