Virtual Reality Is The Next Cutting-Edge Technology To Transform Learning

T.H.E. Journal, February 1999, p. 61

Virtual reality applications are becoming one of the most powerful technology tools available to enhance the learning experience.

Virtual reality, also know as “VR,” was used for the first time as a hands-on classroom tool in summer programs last year at two schools in Chicago. Teachers and students alike immediately saw the benefits.

Students were able to completely immerse themselves in 3D simulations on topics varying from American history and the legislative process to grammar and the solar system. Students could explore topics on their own without having to rely on lectures or note taking. And by experiencing a lesson topic instead of just hearing about it, students were much better able to retain what they had learned.

This VR technology used to be extremely expensive, but with advances in software and more powerful PCs, you can now run virtual reality simulations from a desktop computer.

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