Multimedia Schools, May/June 1999, p. 47

In classes where students use search engines to find information on the Internet, many teachers have expressed concern that search engines return material inappropriate for students who use even the most innocent of search terms. While filtering software prevents students from accessing inappropriate sites, it can’t stop search engines from listing results that contain adult content.

But two search engines now offer features they say will prevent inappropriate search results from being listed. The first is the “Family Filter” at This filter didn’t catch every questionable site, but it did prevent most from being listed. The second site was — where the “GOguardian” service purported to block adult-related search results. Once active, no inappropriate sites were listed in searches.

Overall, there are no sure-fire ways to completely prevent access to inappropriate material. But you can minimize the chances by using one the above services in combination with filtering software on your school’s network.