Technology & Learning, May 1999, p. 34

When constructing your school’s web site, consider these five tips:

  1. Clearly define what you want your site to be used for. Determine whether it will be geared toward students, parents, or staff, and then proceed to design a site that suits that particular group.

  2. Make your page inviting and readable for the user by streamlining the writing on your page and minimizing the use of any flashing or spinning animation that serves only an aesthetic purpose and not an informational one.

  3. Use small images that load quickly to save your visitors time and hassle.

  4. Get feedback on your site from both internal and external sources. Ask students and teachers for input and involve them in the site by requesting contributions from their classes. Also, solicit feedback from visitors to your site by setting up an e-mail address so they can contact your webmaster with ideas and comments.

  5. Make your presence known by listing your site on search engines and web indexes that list school web sites. Generate traffic from students, parents and other community groups by announcing the site in a newsletter that is sent home or by having a contest where clues are found on your site.