Converge, May 1999, p. 36 FundingTechTrack/FundingTechTrends.shtm

Recent trends in grantmaking show that these nine areas are the most popular among the nation’s funders:

  1. School reform and restructuring. Includes the development of standards, assessment techniques, community & business partnerships, parental involvement, and classroom management.

  2. Disabilities. Includes building compliant facilities, creating assistive programs and applications, and inclusion through technology.

  3. Teacher training. Includes certification, training in curriculum integration and education technology, assessment, and Internet use.

  4. Minorities and women in math, science and engineering. Includes recruitment, curriculum standards, and technology.

  5. Libraries and museums. Includes digitizing collections, placing collections, resources, and catalogs online, and educational programs.

  6. Rural and urban development. Includes equal access to technology and communication tools, outreach to families, economic development, and urban/rural business partnerships.

  7. Telemedicine and health care. Includes recruitment of women and minorities into health care services, community-based practices, and technology applications in medicine.

  8. School to work. Includes career development and planning, business partnerships, mentor programs, job training and internships.

  9. Adult education and life-long learning. Includes career development, ESL, GED, distance learning, and continuing education.