Converge, May 1999, p. 28

The Y2K problem has the potential to strike schools in three core areas: financial, legal, and administrative. In order to avoid and minimize the effect of Y2K computer problems, the following advice from Pennsylvania’s “Y2K Contingency Planning Guide” should be followed:

  1. Identify all the systems at your school that use software and contain embedded computer chips. Then prioritize the list based on the systems that are most critical to school operations.

  2. For each system, list what could go wrong.

  3. Outline what has to happen before your contingency plan goes into effect.

  4. Have ready a schedule that explains how to deploy that contingency plan.

  5. Assign areas of responsibility to people for each step of the contingency plan.

  6. Identify what extra resources you’ll need to execute the contingency plan.

  7. Outline when you can end the contingency plan and begin normal operations.