FVC.com I-Studio

FVC.com, the leader in Next Generation Internet applications, has launched a complete solution for streaming high-quality, full-screen, full-motion video over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Called I-Studio, the device promises to turn your local or wide area network into a TV broadcast network by streaming live and pre-recorded video, audio, and text to desktop computers.

According to FVC.com, I-Studio installs within an hour and runs over any type of IP network, so there is no need to upgrade existing switches and routers to support IP multicast. The device broadcasts a wide range of video from H.263 to MPEG-1, delivering the highest quality transmission your available bandwidth will support.

You can use I-Studio to broadcast live video from a camera, VCR, DVD, CD, TV, satellite, or cable feed to your network, or you can record video as it is multicast, then rebroadcast it for viewers in different locations. Students and teachers can use the video-on-demand feature to watch stored video at any time.

An I-Studio unit with a 10/100 Ethernet interface retails for $21,000. The client software, which controls the streaming of video to the desktop, is included and can be installed on as many desktops as required without additional licensing costs.

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Compaq Academic Series

Compaq Computer Corp. has developed a new line of personal computers exclusively for the needs of school administrators, teachers, and students. The Compaq Academic Series is built on the company’s Deskpro desktop and Armada notebook systems.

Compaq said the new series offers educators and students a highly manageable, reliable, and affordable PC line, complete with management tools and education-specific software. The desktop and notebook systems are network certified for both Microsoft NT and Novell NetWare networks.

The series also features Compaq Intelligent Manageability, a comprehensive set of tools that support remote configuration and deployment, asset tracking and security, software updates, and fault notification and recovery. Compaq said these tools eliminate the need for school or district information system managers from having to travel to multiple sites to perform routine system maintenance.

The series also includes your choice of one of Compaq’s nine LearningPaqs, a compilation of educational software and desktop security tools that are grouped by subject matter and grade level. Prices for the Deskpro Academic Series start at $1,279. The Armada Academic Series, the notebook version, starts at $1,694.

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International Computers ccE Voice

International Computers of Franklin, Wis., has released a closed caption encoder voice system, ccE Voice, which combines closed captioning capabilities with voice recognition technology to allow captions to be created without any keyboard input. Users simply speak into the provided microphone to add closed captions to live broadcasts or videotapes in standard or S-Video formats.

The external serial port device runs on Windows-based software and all major features can be controlled by clicking an icon, the company said. ccE Voice is based on standards rather than proprietary protocols so your investment in the product is protected, the company added.

Features include context-sensitive help, choice of real-time or post-production captions, support for multiple languages, and Y2K compliance. The complete system includes an external ccE Voice Encoder, ccE Voice Window software, microphone, all necessary cables and adapters, manual, and custom carrying case.

To take full advantage of ccE Voice’s capabilities, you’ll need at least a Pentium 200MHz computer running Win95 or Win98 with 64MB (128MB recommended), 800MB available space, sound card, CD-ROM drive, and one available serial port.

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TI InterActive!

Dallas-based Texas Instruments has introduced TI InterActive!, an integrated computer software program for math and science that links the company’s TI-83 graphing calculator to computers and the internet. The program allows teachers to enhance students’ learning through interactive lessons that encourage exploration, visualization, data analysis, and writing.

The software can be used in conjunction with TI-83 or TI-83 Plus calculators or as a stand-alone product. It offers all the functions of the calculator, but in a Windows environment so students and teachers can perform and view multiple functions simultaneously. Live internet links connect students and teachers to web sites, where they can use an “extract” function to download data and automatically import it into table or graph format. You can also exchange data between the software and a TI-83 calculator.

TI InterActive! runs on Windows 95 or higher computers with CD-ROM drives. The product will be available in single-user, 10-user, and site/network configurations from retailers or directly from TI beginning late this summer, with pricing to be announced shortly before its release. A school single-user edition will cost less than the price of a TI-83 calculator, the company said.

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