A group of Indiana elementary school students recently held a friendly demonstration at the Statehouse to ask lawmakers for more technology funding at their schools.

The students came from Plainfield and South Bend to greet lawmakers in front of the state capitol, toting gifts that were meant to symbolize the value of educational technology.

“We want the (legislators) to know these kids use technology in the classroom–it’s not something ‘extra,'” Suellen Reed, Plainfield’s superintendent of public instruction, told the Indianapolis News.

Fifth-grader Andy Hughes had something to say to Indiana lawmakers, telling them “how important it is to have this (technology) for us now and for future years and future students.”

State Sen. Connie Lawson and Reps. Matt Whetstone, Bob Behning, and Jeff Thompson supported the students during the demonstration.

“This is a great way to get them involved at an early age in how government works,” remarked Behning, who later introduced the students to the full House of Representatives.

The students toured the Statehouse sporting T-shirts with the phrase, “Where Technology Helps Us Learn.”