Kentucky lawmakers could soon decide whether to make technology standards part of teacher evaluations. The state Education Professional Standards Board has approved a set of skills teachers would be required to demonstrate under the proposal, which has been passed on to the Kentucky legislature.

Under the plan, teachers would have to show they can connect and install computers, use scanners and other equipment for multimedia presentations, and use computers and the internet for interactive learning. Teachers also would be expected to use computers to design tests and lessons and to show students how to use computers for self-instruction.

The standards would have to be met by new teachers before they earn their degrees and would be made part of the evaluation criteria for existing teachers. Officials don’t expect the standards to be in place before the year 2000.

Not all were pleased with the board’s unanimous actions. Some teachers complained that making the standards part of evaluations when they don’t yet have modern equipment in their classrooms might be asking too much.

Meanwhile, the state Education Department has stepped up its funding for technology training by as much as $100 per teacher. The department said it also will look to make its annual school technology conference more useful for teachers who need to build their skills.