The Shelby County, Tennessee, school board is considering whether to post school floor plans to the district’s web site to give police, fire, and rescue officials quick access to building layouts in an emergency.

The proposal comes in reaction to the April 20 shooting spree in Littleton, Colo., where several students and teachers were trapped in the rooms of Columbine High School for hours. Police officials in Littleton complained that their efforts were hampered in part because the school’s floor plan was difficult to read.

The Shelby County plan would place—in a secured environment—up-to-date versions of every school’s floor plan on its internet site.

The county already keeps floor plans for some schools on disk, but any changes to the layouts of those buildings, including additions, are not updated in electronic form. Web-based floor plans could be updated instantly.

School officials have not projected the cost of the project, but they said funding could come from a $5.6 million school safety program being offered by the state.