Education is Crucial Crucial Technology, a division of Micron, has announced that it will donate up to $100,000 worth of server memory upgrades to Idaho public schools through the Education is Crucial program. The program is intended to help Idaho schools increase the performance level in their existing computer systems. Idaho schools received $87,000 in memory upgrades last year through the Education is Crucial program, now in its second year. Applications are being handled by the Idaho Department of Education. Schools need only complete an online survey to apply, with memory upgrading to be administered on a needs-first basis. (800) 239-0337 edcrucial.htm

First for Education Grants Carolina First Corp. has established the Carolina First for Education Foundation with a $12.6 million endowment. The foundation will provide education and community-based grants to teachers and public schools in South Carolina for projects that will help bring the state to the educational forefront, including grants for technology initiatives such as purchasing computers. All grants will be awarded based on evaluation of a written application. For an application form, write to the Carolina First For Education Foundation, PO Box 1029, Greenville, SC 29602. (864) 255-4780

EchoStar Satellite Systems In partnership with the National Education Association (NEA), Future View, and the Learning First Alliance, EchoStar will donate 1,000 satellite TV systems and free air time to schools. The high-tech school safety program comes in response to the Littleton, Colo., school shooting and aims to provide schools with pertinent school safety programming. NEA and the Learning First Alliance will develop the programming, with Future View providing production facilities and staff assistance. The competitive donation program will favor schools that have the most need and that demonstrate a commitment to using the satellite systems to the fullest extent. Application procedures and a deadline were to be announced at NEA’s annual conference July 2. Contact the NEA for more information following the announcement. (202) 833-4000

Learning to Win Cloudscape, a leader in database management solutions, is offering its Cloudscape 100% Pure Java database to schools at no charge through the new Learning to Win program. Learning to Win is designed to encourage students to learn the Java programming language and experiment with building applications in Java. Cloudscape says it is the first company to offer free Java SQL databases for schools to use as educational resources. (888) 595-2821

Schools Online Internet Access Schools without classroom internet access are eligible to apply for Schools Online equipment grants. The Schools Online grant program offers schools simple, cost-effective internet access, together with local support and training. Participating schools are asked to designate a committed person to manage the equipment and participate in training. Schools are also asked to provide a telephone line with an internet service provider (ISP) account for dial-up access or a network connection to the world wide web. Schools Online has helped more than 5,000 classrooms get internet access in a little more than two years. Schools Online is supported by corporate, educational, and individual partners. (408) 501-0770