In an effort to protect children from online messages of hate, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is providing a list of guidelines for parents.

In “A Parent’s Guide to Hate on the Internet: Helping Your Child Safely Navigate the Information Superhighway,” the ADL urges parents to “become active participants in their children’s internet exploration” in order to keep kids from accessing potentially damaging information.

“Our goal is to empower parents and children with information,” said ADL leaders Howard P. Berkowitz, national chairman, and Abraham H. Foxman, national director.

According to the ADL guidebook, “Searching for activity pages suitable for kids might land a child at a white supremacist site devoted to children, complete with coloring pages and crossword puzzles.”

One example of this type of misleading site is outlined in ADL’s report “Poisoning the Web.” The World Church of the Creator features a “Kids!” site, subtitled “Creativity for Children!,” which lures young web users to this hateful anti-Semitic and racist group.

Members of the World Church of the Creator have been linked to high-profile hate crimes, including a deadly shooting rampage in Illinois and Indiana in July by World Church member Benjamin Smith. Kids are encouraged to eMail the site so that World Church members can “answer any questions” they might have.

To receive a copy of the report, contact ADL’s Media Relations Department at (212) 885-7777.