A recent online poll by Family PC showed that parents overwhelmingly believe computers have made their kids smarter and more creative.

When asked the question, “Have computers made your children smarter?” 68 percent of parents said yes, 19 percent were not sure, and 13 percent said no, they did not believe computers had improved their children’s intelligence.

Seventy-nine percent of parents surveyed believed computers had helped their children master problem-solving skills, 69 percent said computers helped with reading, 69 percent said they helped with math, and 63 percent believed computers helped their youngsters with language and communication skills.

Sixty-three percent of parents also believed computers had helped kids master motor skills, 61 percent said spelling skills, 60 percent said research skills, and 56 percent said computers had helped kids learn vocabulary.

When asked, “Have computers made your children more creative?” 61 percent said yes, while only 2 percent said computers made them less creative. Twenty-five percent said they had no effect on kids at all, and 12 percent were not sure.

Finally, when parents were asked, “Do you spend time with—or supervise—your children while they are on the computer?” 55 percent said they spent time with their kids on the computer, 35 percent said they supervise their kids, and only 10 percent said they neither supervise nor spend time with their children on the computer.

The poll of 615 families was conducted by Digital Research on behalf of Family PC.