Converge, July 1999, p.56 TechTop/TechFromtheTop.shtm

The authors describe the new model for efficient school district technology organizations. If you don’t already have one, start by creating an Office of Technology—one led by someone on the assistant superintendent level who has a good mix of both educational and technical skills.

The office should be accountable for technology planning (including a five-year, rolling plan), expenditure approval, the coordination of activities, instructional technology, daily operations, and the upkeep of your network and operation systems. These duties should be split into two divisions: one to support instructional technology, and the other to build and maintain your technology infrastructure and to develop software applications.

The instructional technology division would be responsible for teacher training and ongoing support, as well as the establishment of a web site to ensure that programs conform to state standards. This division should work closely with the school or district’s curriculum department.

The infrastructure/software development division would be responsible for infrastructure and technical support, systems development, and all web site development and maintenance.