Apple iBook

Apple Computer Inc., headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., has dubbed its new laptop as the “iMac to Go.” The iBook features 6-hour battery life, a 12.1-inch TFT display, a PowerPC G3 microprocessor, built-in 56K modem, CD-ROM drive, and 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet networking. An optional AirPort wireless internet networking feature allows cable-free access to the web. Other features include the iBook’s durable, rubber-coated translucent enclosure, a pullout handle, a latch-free closing mechanism, and full-size keyboard. The iBook will be available in September at a starting price of $1,599. You’ll have your choice of Blueberry or Tangerine.

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EBSCO Online Reader

EBSCO Publishing, of Ipswich, Mass., has introduced a network-ready CD-ROM called Online Reader. This self-contained learning system promises to improve students’ reading scores on performance-based standardized tests. Teachers select from hundreds of nonfiction magazine articles of various reading levels from EBSCO’s vast database of material. Appropriate multiple choice, analogy, and sequence questions follow for each article. Online Reader offers complete grading, performance-tracking, and reporting features as well. Four different grade-level packages are available, ranging in price from $895 to $1,295.

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Novell Single Sign-on

Novell Inc., based in Provo, Utah, has announced the release of Novell Single Sign-on, a new directory-based software solution that eliminates the need for computer users to remember and input multiple passwords. Using a single Novell Directory Services (NDS) password, this new product allows users to log in to a network only once to access a variety of applications across multiple platforms. The system ensures a high level of security for password management, with each user’s security profile—including log-in credentials and access rights information—centrally located in the directory. All password and user credential information is stored using a unique, patented Novell technology called SecretStore. NDS automatically verifies a user’s identity. Novell Single Sign-on is available to NetWare 5 customers for $26 per user.

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MAX Internet’s i.c.LIVE

MAX Internet Communications, based in Dallas, has introduced i.c.LIVE, an all-in-one accelerator card for internet and local area network video communications and video processing. The new product features true motion video conferencing, full motion video streaming, video and audio record, edit and playback, MPEG and DVD capabilities, and AC3 surround sound. i.c.LIVE comes pre-loaded with Microsoft NetMeeting, Asymetrix Digital Video Producer, Cypress Research Megaphone, and Midisoft Audio Works. Other features include a dedicated real-time on-board processor and a proprietary operating system that works seamlessly with Windows. The product operates over a variety of telecommunications environments, including ADSL, ISDN, T-1, and cable modem. System requirements and pricing vary.

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X-Stop Loadable Module (XLM)

Developed by Log-On Data Corp. of Orange, Calif., the XLM is a customizable, server-based filtering solution for managing student use of the internet. The product is scalable and works in most computing environments to monitor and control content in web/FTP sites, search engines, newsgroups, and eMail applications using Direct Address Blocking (DAB) and X-Stop’s large, up-to-date lists of blocked sites in as many as 31 categories. The software lets you assign different user profiles, giving you the flexibility to customize filtering for specific individuals or classes. It also can produce reports on an individual student’s usage as well as usage of the entire network. The XLM provides unlimited scalability, ranging from a 50-user license to an unlimited-user license. Purchase includes the software needed to install the product and automatic library updates.

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Elron Software CommandView Internet Manager

Burlington, Mass.-based Elron Software has announced an upgrade to its CommandView Internet Manager. The filtering solution provides a comprehensive and flexible tool to implement and enforce internet usage policies. Internet Manager combines advanced web content filtering with Elron’s proprietary SmartList technology, which verifies web sites based on keywords in the text, in the meta tags, and within the URL name. The solution also features proactive, real-time alerting and reporting capabilities that can be configured to notify the appropriate personnel when surfing abuse occurs, as it occurs. New version 5.0 includes Microsoft Windows NT Login integration and support for Microsoft SQL Server. Pricing for Internet Manager Version 5.0 starts at $895 for 25 users.

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Karta Technologies KartaNarrator

San Antonio-based Karta Technologies has introduced KartaNarrator, a new tool that lets you add audio to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Using text-to-speech synthesis, KartaNarrator incorporates one of six on-screen, animated characters to recite the text you type in the PowerPoint’s Speaker Notes window. While narrating the presentations, the character also makes gestures, which can be synchronized to each slide in the presentation. And because the file size stays small, KartaNarrator-enhanced presentations can still be distributed through eMail, CD-ROM, or floppy disk, the company says. KartaNarrator is available for $99.95.

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Super Tutor CD-ROM packs

The Super Tutor Co., of Sunnyvale, Calif., has put together two multi-CD packs for math and English. The high school math pack, for grades 9-12, includes four titles: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. The English Resource Center, for grades 7-12, includes Composition, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar. The CD-ROM packs start at $64.95 and are available as lab packs or with site licenses. Super Tutor is offering a free, three-month membership to its web site with the purchase of one of the multi-packs.

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Briggs Directory Snoop 3.0

Briggs Softworks, of Houston, has announced the release of Directory Snoop 3.0, the latest version of its tool that lets Windows 95/98 users “snoop” through their disk drives to see any data that might be hiding in the cracks. The software will let you “unerase” files you thought were lost, or you can use it to permanently destroy unwanted files so that no one will ever see them again, Briggs says. New for version 3.0 is a redesigned interface that shows the true contents of your disk folders. A new feature also lets you search and group files by specific attributes across multiple directories and even multiple drives. The license fee for Directory Snoop is $29, plus shipping and handling. Multi-user site licenses also are available.

CaNexus Essay Verification Engine

CaNexus Web Design of Ontario has introduced a product called EVE, or Essay Verification Engine. It’s a powerful search tool that CaNexus says will help teachers determine if student essays have been plagiarized from the internet. Plug in the essay you want to check and EVE uses the most advanced searching tools available to find and compare the submitted essays with content on the web. If EVE finds evidence of plagiarism, the URL is recorded. EVE can be purchased online or by phone for $34.95 per license, with each teacher needing his or her own license.

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School Zone Flash Action

School Zone Interactive, based in Grand Haven, Mich., has released a new CD-ROM called Multiplication/Division Flash Action, a software program designed to mimic flash card math drills. Addressing children’s varying skill levels, Flash Action features an interactive “teacher” that records progress and adjusts the difficulty of the problems. As players master the problems, they gradually become more difficult. Students can also select a specific problem set for additional practice. A built-in scoreboard records correct and incorrect answers, and students can compete against the clock or challenge another student. The CD-ROM additionally includes a multiplication/division chart that can be accessed on screen or printed out for quick reference. Multiplication/Division Flash Action has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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