Converge, July 1999, p. 18 WebTV/WebTV.shtm

A program called the Florida-based Migrant Education Consortium for Higher Achievement (MECHA) is giving children of migrant families improved educational opportunities through the internet.

Thousands of migrant families in this country travel up and down the East Coast each year to follow the harvest. Being on the move has traditionally caused disruptions in the education of their children, but through MECHA, teachers and a consistent education are able to follow the students as they move around.

MECHA is a joint project of Barry University in Florida and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a district that each year sees more than 4,000 children of migrant families in its area.

One hundred of these families have been outfitted with WebTV units, which then travel along with them as they head up the coast. Through WebTV, students are able to connect to the internet and to MECHA teachers. A dedicated web site allows for interaction between the students and teachers, while a MECHA-developed curriculum keeps the learning process more consistent.