T.H.E Journal, June 1999, p.6


The author discusses two assesment tools to help educators measure the effectiveness of their technology programs:

1. Leader’s Guide to Education Technology. Published by EDvancement, a collaboration of the Consortium for School Networking, the National School Boards Foundation, and MCI WorldCom, the guide provides information to help you use and support technology to reach your educational goals. According to the guide, the criteria for success include long-range technology integration and improvement planning, prioritized budgeting, partnerships, and determining the role technology should have in relation to your overall educational objective.

2. Balanced Preference Model. A multi-district evaluation project backed by IBM K-12 Education has fine-tuned a number of tools and exercises to evaluate technology programs. Under the Balanced Preference Model, school districts assess technology based on a variety of indicators, such as vision and leadership, planning and management, professional development, and equality of access.