The author outlines eight critical questions to ask when deciding what type of internet access is best for your schools:

1. Speed. What is the rate—in Kilobits per second or Megabits per second—that data is transmitted?

2. Availability. Geographically speaking, where can the service be accessed?

3. Cost. What are the one-time software and hardware costs needed to implement the service, as well as the long-term monthly fees?

4. Reliability. How does the service’s performance stand up—and will it be there on a consistent basis?

5. Security. How well will the network be protected from unwanted access?

6. Compatibility. Will the service be compatible with your current network?

7. Support. Will help be available when—and how—you need it?

8. Long-term viability. What is the long-range outlook of the service, in light of continually changing applications and bandwidth requirements?